Extension & Refurbishment of the Pavilion Building

We were appointed by EC Harris on behalf of the Academy’s Board of Governors to carry out the w works which involved the partial demolition of the existing pavilion structure to accommodate two new classroom facilities. Also included was an additional flat roofed extension incorporating WC's, Office and general lounge area, landscaping and terrace area.

The sloping site was problematic in the infancy of the project ensuring the levels were correct for the footings of the new extension and raised terrace area. The drainage runs also presented us with some difficulties as they ran uphill and therefore an innovative scheme was designed in order to pump the rainwater and waste back into the existing school drainage run.    

Working within the Academy during term time is always a challenge and although it was easy to segregate site from the rest of the school. Delivery to and from the site had to be planned meticulously to ensure no students, staff and members of the public were at risk. Therefore delivers were made either at weekend, before or after school and during teaching times.

The project its self was an excellent example of the quality of workmanship Tomax operatives achieve on a daily basis. The pavilion was in a poor state prior to the project and had been left derelict with limited maintenance over the years and then transformed completely with a Tapco slate roof and new and existing external wall cladded with a mixture of render and Marley Eternit Equitone cladding.


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The Board of Governors Parklands Academy 


Contract Sum

Contract duration
20 weeks

EC Harris

Contract used
JCT Minor Works Building Contract 2011 Edition