Bespoke Art Work


Storage cabins and mosaics

Storage containers are a common sight on school grounds and playing fields. Schools always have the need to store additional equipment that is too large to store inside, such as seasonal play and sports items, and extra tables and chairs for special events.

Metal storage containers are the ideal solution for storage in the school environment, as they are practical, durable, secure and economical. However, these cabins can look unsightly and cold in a school setting.

We have recently undertaken a number of bespoke art projects that involve the decoration of storages cabins to make them more aesthetically pleasing to the eye whilst also providing a practical use. Tomax Building Services can supply and install these units decorated to the clients brief/design or even paint an existing storage cabin.

We have also been asked to commission mosaic art work for a school entrance lobby using a design drawn by the pupils and clown sponge throwing stocks for a school fete.


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